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This is an ongoing Audio Blog
Containing continual releases
of improvisational Shakuhachi flute
with deep Mystical Healing energy.
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Shakuhachi Spirit Bandcamp

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Mysterious_Black_Modes_Cover - png

Mysterious Black Modes (2024)

Seven Mysterious Modes:
Five Black Modes and two Ghost Modes
explored on antique shakuhachi flute
in Just Intonation with a drone of
Wide Blue Sounds Orbital Synthesizer

Blissful, Serene, Astral

UAP_Sightings png

UAP Sightings (2024)

Instrumental Experimental
Overtone Drone Flute Music.

New and Original Soundscapes
of Cyclic Harmonic Fluid Music.

Artizen Shakuhachi II png

Artizen Shakuhachi II (2023)

Pure and Clean Shakuhachi flute.
Deep Sacred Energy Connections.
Music for Creative Arts or Meditation.

Dawn Yoga png

Dawn Yoga (2023)

Shakuhachi flute and Birds at dawn.
Music for Yoga and Energy Work.
Music for Creative Arts or Meditation.

Listen and sense the supreme freedom
of the bliss of your natural being.

Spring Peepers Yoga png

Spring Peepers Yoga (2023)

Spontaneous Shakuhachi music
which is fluid in spiral time and
flowing with divine timing.

Pranic breath vibrating bamboo
in pure harmonic tone for Yoga and Healing.

Sacred_Vibrations png

Sacred Vibrations (2023)

Subtle nuances and expressive tones
which will transport you
to a timeless and archetypical nurturing
place of peace and serenity.

The complexity of natural harmonics,
chromatic tones, and pure intonation
create delightful and healing musical energy.

Shakuhachi Meditations png

Shakuhachi Meditations (2023)

Meditational Improvisations
on a Shakuhachi flute
flowing from inner sacred space.

Just Intonation music
to a drone
for Healing,
for Yoga,
and to potentiate Creativity
in one's active Life.

Interdimensional Dreaming

InterdimensionalDreaming (2022)

Centered, Energetic, and
Meditative Shakuhachi Flute
echoing with Orbital Drones:
Music for Imagination
(Explorers, Dreamers, Visionaries ...)
and Music for Creators
(Crafters, Authors, Artists ...).

Sacred and Healing Music.

Bliss and Ecstasy

Bliss and Ecstasy (2021)

Wide Blue Sounds Orbital Synthesizers and
Shakuhachi and Ancestral Pueblo Flutes
Combine for Centering on your Axis
Where Consciousness meets the Mystery
In Pure Transformational Peace:
Where the Deep and the Transcendental
Merge in Experiential Connection...

Artizen Shakuhachi I

Artizen Shakuhachi I (2021)
Shakuhachi Flute Solos

Artizen Shakuhachi I is Shakuhachi Zen Flute
in a free improvisational style
using many primary natural harmonics
and Pure and Just Intonation.

Pure Intonation transcends the 12 note system
and embraces the true nature of healing sound
which is rich with the textures of feelings.

Turquiose Rose

Turquoise Rose (2021)
Shakuhachi Flute Solos

Turquoise Rose is Shakuhachi Flute Solos
consisting of Eight Original Compositions
and one Honkyoku traditional piece
performed in Original Style.

Turquoise Rose is Meditative music
with Complex Chromatic Harmonics
and Pure Intonation.

Shakuhachi Faerie Dances

Shakuhachi Faerie Dances (2020)

Wild Flute Music in Pure Intonation

Shakuhachi Faerie Dances is playful
flute music in pure intonation
with natural harmonics for
thinning the veil and receiving the magic
from the dreamtime.

Shakuhachi Faerie Dances
is nature music and resembles
the wilderness as opposed to the
cultivated garden of mental music.

Ghosts and Ancestors

Ghosts and Ancestors (2019)

Just Intonation Synthesizer CD for Halloween

A CD composed for thinning the veil
and glimpsing into the Mystery beyond.

Delicious Essence

Delicious Essence (2019)

Shakuhachi Zen Music

Vital & Lively;
Passionate & Joyful;
Deep & Sublime;
Loving & Healing...

Seven Sisters

Harmonic Visions (2019)

Symphonic Magic in Just Intonation

Many pure harmonics opening the door
for classical orchestral music in Just Intonation.

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters (2019)

Ancient Pueblo Flute Odes to the Pleiades...

Original Peace

Original Peace (2018)

Solo Shakuhachi flute compositions
in the spirit of Zen Honkyoku...

Natural meditational music
created to free one's spirit
and allow the listener's innate inner peace
to emerge and prevail.

The Wild Wind

The Wild Wind (2017)

Multilayered Shakuhachi:
Meditation Music which induces an alternative state:
Perfect for creative and energetic spirit art...

Shakuhachi Yoga

Shakuhachi Yoga (2017)

Emotional Release: Music for Yoga,
Chi Gong, Tai Chi, or Meditation
with Emphasis on deep emotions
and feelings: for Healing.

Sexcellent Sky

Sexcellent Sky (2016)

Ambient Space music reflective
of when you look up at the stars
and feel the profound Mystery...

Entwined Dances

Entwined Dances (2017)

Shakuhachi Flute and Analog Synthesizer
Bandcamp Bargain...

Seven Streams

Seven Streams (2016)

Seven Streams of Consciousness
reveal Seven Layers of our Being
and Seven Ways of knowing...

Coyote Cavorting

Coyote Cavorting (2016)

Native American Style Flute Duets
Bandcamp Bargain...

Yin over Yang

Yin over Yang

Shakuhachi with Nature Soundscapes
and intense synthesizers...

Kokopelli Yoga

Kokopelli Yoga (2015)

Kokopelli's flute of mystical love
with tanpura drone for the art of sacred union...

Entangled Spaces (2014)

Entangled Spaces (2014)

Synthesizer and world flute instrumental prayer
for world Peace and Healing...

Mystic Love (2013)

Mystic Love (2013)

Live Shakuhachi bamboo flute
with echo and Tanpura drone...

Kokopelli Zen (2011)

Flute Solos on Ancient Pueblo Flute:
Music for returning to your natural center
of peace, serenity, and tranquility...


American Flutes (2010)

The wonderful and resonate sound of wood
expressed through modern North America flutes...

Shamanic Extra-Terrestrial Initiation (2009)

Electronic ambient music
for exploring the Extra-Terrestrial telepathic web
and all psychic exploration and healing...

Healer's Songs (2008)

New Age Rock: Healing music
to unlock the healing potential
within your own being...

Goddess Dance (2007)

Progressive Rock:
World Music synthesizer and flute
Tribute to the Universe as a Goddess
Dancing in a Passionate Celebration of Life...

Luminous Waters (2006)

Alto and Soprano classical flutes:
Music inspired by meditation,
reflecting the healing energy
to calm the inner space and revitalize
the listener's life force...

Ambient Electric Passion (2003)

Ambient Synthesizer with raga tonalities.
Bandcamp Bargain...

Hippie_Dreams (1990s)

Mix of Jazz, Rock, and Space.
Remnants of 4-track tape recordings...