Greetings and Welcome
to Ron Bracale's music:
A Musical Celebration
of the Dance
of Consciousness
the Sacred Mystery...

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Artizen Shakuhachi I
Shakuhachi Flute Solos

Artizen Shakuhachi I

Artizen Shakuhachi I is Shakuhachi Zen Flute
in a free improvisational style
using many primary natural harmonics
and Pure and Just Intonation.

Pure Intonation transcends the 12 note system
and embraces the true nature of healing sound
which is rich with the textures of feelings.

Turquiose Rose
Shakuhachi Flute Solos

Turquiose Rose

Turquoise Rose is Shakuhachi Flute Solos
consisting of Eight Original Compositions
and one Honkyoku traditional piece
performed in Original Style.

Turquoise Rose is Meditative music
with Complex Chromatic Harmonics
and Pure Intonation.

Shakuhachi Faerie Dances
Wild Flute Music in Pure Intonation

Shakuhachi Faerie Dances

Shakuhachi Faerie Dances is playful flute music in pure intonation with natural harmonics for thinning the veil and receiving the magic from the dreamtime. Shakuhachi Faerie Dances is nature music and resembles the wilderness as opposed to the cultivated garden of mental music.

Ghosts and Ancestors
Just Intonation Synthesizer CD for Halloween

Ghosts and Ancestors

A CD composed for thinning the veil
and glimpsing into the Mystery beyond.

Delicious Essence
Shakuhachi Zen Music

Delicious Essence

Vital & Lively;
Passionate & Joyful;
Deep & Sublime;
Loving & Healing...

Harmonic Visions
Symphonic Magic
Just Intonation

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters
Ancient Pueblo Flute Odes
to the Pleiades...

Seven Sisters

Original Peace
Solo Shakuhachi flute compositions
in the spirit of Zen Honkyoku...

Original Peace
Natural meditational music created to free one's spirit
and allow the listener's innate inner peace
to emerge and prevail.

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