The Wild Wind


Meditation Music with Higher Awareness.
Perfect for creative and energetic spirit art.

The true voice of the Shakuhachi bamboo flute:
Sensual, Raw, Spontaneous, Intuitive, and Synchronistic
with Pure Intonation, Natural Harmonics, and Live Virtuosity.

  1. Wind Song
  2. Forest Spaces
  3. Mountain Touching Sky
  4. Ancestor's Messages
  5. Rolling Thunder
  6. Raging Waters
  7. Blossom's Unfolding
  8. Stories of the Moon
  9. Impressions in Stone
  10. Dancing Stars
  11. I Love You
  12. Trinary Unity

Total Time = 55:51

The Wild Wind surrounds you. The Wild Wind gets inside you. The Wild Wind's flowing movement is natural dancing harmony and pure intonation. Wild does not represent 'out of control', but rather natural, uninhibited by conditioning and convention, and flowing according to its true passion.

As the Wind, through continual application, may sculpt a shoreline or desert sands, this music will shape the inner landscape to bring natural peace and allow the sacred passion of one's creative spirit to flow.

The shakuhachi flute (2.0) is a simple bamboo stalk with five holes and a sharp edge to divide the breath between inner and outer. The sound is completely natural and yet very refined. It is resonant in the full spectrum and so is ideal for playing duets in pure intonation with the richness of complex harmonic tonality.

Now available on Shakuhachi Spirit bandcamp:

The Wild Wind