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Interdimensional Dreaming


Interdimensional Dreaming

Interdimensional Dreaming

Centered, Energetic, and
Meditative Shakuhachi Flute
Just Intonation Echoing
with Orbital Drones:
Music for Imagination
(Explorers, Dreamers, Visionaries ...)
and Music for Creators
(Crafters, Authors, Artists ...).

Sacred and Healing Music.

Transcend the Dimensionality
Imposed by Conditioning and
Experience New Perspective
To Live Lucidly in a New World
from the Axis of Being.

In the Numinous Sacred Space
between the Conscious
and Unconscious
Pure Consciousness enters
the Third Attention
Hypnogogic Mystery
Reflects One's Essence.

01. Flowery Kingdom
02. Embodying Delight
03. Solar Messages
04. Sacred Mysteries
05. Peaceful Essence
06. Blue Woman
07. Lady Gray
08. Moon Tigers
09. Star Dragons
10. Astral Lotus
11. Lucid Passion
12. Compassionate Love

   Total Time: 53:33

Interdimensional Dreaming - Streaming:
Interdimensional Dreaming - Streaming