Sexcellent Sky



Ambient music reflective
of when you look up at the stars on a clear night
and the Sexcellent Sky is so absolutely profound
that words cannot describe it
and the amazing Universe whispers
the mystery of being
and calls to you to wonder
and explore life.

  1. Scattered Milk ... 8:39
  2. Road of Straw ... 5:45
  3. Corn Meal Dust ... 10:24
  4. Serene Pathway ... 12:19
  5. Ancient Campfires ... 9:45
  6. Silver River ... 9:41

Total Time = 56:45

The Shakuhachi Zen flute
made from the ancient plant, bamboo,
carved from root dug from the Earth
and stalk reaching for the Sky,
with five holes for the five elements,
turns breath into sweet music.
The modern orbital synthesizer,
the Wide Blue Sound ‘Orbit’,
provides Celestial energies.
Together they dance like Yin and Yang,
playing together
and breathing the cosmic forces of creation.

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