Delicious Essence


Delicious Essence

Delicious Essence

Delicious Essence
Zen Flute Music...

1) Lioness: 4:32
Azuma Jishi Dancing in dedication to Kannon.

2) Luxurious Nights: 10:22
Delights of the Heavens caressing Earth.

3) Whirlwind: 9:16
Life’s Whirlwind of chromatic winding pathways

4) Blossoming: 7:41
The adventures of life bring us new Blossoming.

5) Entwined: 11:31
Yin (Yeem) and Yang (Yaun) dance forever entwined.

6) Dawn: 8:49
The Mysterious Goddess reveals her glory to the Light.

7) Dancing: 5:32
Expressing our unique essence with Artistic Freedom.

Total Time = 57:48

The Delicious Essence of the shakuhachi Bamboo Flute
Dedicated to the Divine Goddess (Mysterious Universe)
Enticing the Godhead (Luminous Consciousness)
into the Freedom and Bliss of Ecstatic Union.

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