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Just Intonation

Just or Pure intonation (JI) is the
Natural Harrmonic Nature of Sound
and may produce Healing Music.

Just or Pure intonation is the
Original and Ancient format
which is heard as in-tune,
as opposed to Equal Temperament
where in-tune is a learned abstraction.

JI Player's Guide

Just Intonation Basics

JI Spectrum

JI Intervals, not Notes

Beautiful JI 7s

Musical Carving verses Whittling:
The Art of Improvising a Masterpiece:
Musical Carving verses Whittling

Improvisation: Bliss and Ecstasy:
The High Art of Improvisation,
Where Bliss and Ecstasy meet:
Info Improvisation Bliss and Ecstasy

Reflections on Improvisation:
Reflections on the Supreme Art
of Improvisation with Graceful Form:
Reflections on Improvisation

Music Essence:
Music Essence

Playing with Nature:
Playing with Nature

Meditation and Shakuhachi Honkyoku
Meditation and Shakuhachi Honkyoku


Alluring Song

Empty and Full


Practical Guides:

Mysterious Black Modes: Western, Raga, and Shakuhachi

Musical Modes: Western, Raga, and Shakuhachi

Circle of Fifths PDF Worksheet

Shakuhachi Scores:

PDF: Kyorei Short Form

PDF: Bamboo Zen Honshirabi

PDF: Bright Horai - Turquois Rose

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