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Greeting and welcome to Ron Bracale's music:
A Musical Celebration of the Dance:
The Mystery and Consciousness Embracing...

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Artizen Shakuhachi II (2023)

Pure and Clean Shakuhachi flute.
Deep Sacred Energy Connections.
Music for Creative Arts or Meditation.

Dawn Yoga png

Dawn Yoga (2023)

Shakuhachi flute and Birds at dawn.
Music for Yoga and Energy Work.
Music for Creative Arts or Meditation.

Spring Peepers Yoga png

Spring peepers Yoga (2023)

Spontaneous Shakuhachi music which is fluid in spiral time and flowing with divine timing.

Pranic breath vibrating bamboo in pure harmonic tone.

Listen and sense Shakti dancing as the Cosmos enticing Shiva, your consciousness, in a teasing play of sensual experiential sound and inviting union where the listener and the music are one in the supreme freedom of the bliss of just being.

Spring Peepers Yoga - BandCamp


Sacred Vibrations (2023)

For a relaxing and soothing musical experience listen deeply to the rich and ancient, versatile and beautiful Shakuhachi bamboo flute.

The mesmerizing sound of the ancient Shakuhachi bamboo flute as played by Ron Bracale embraces the variety and complexity of natural harmonics, chromatic tones, and pure intonation to create delightful and healing musical energy.

On this musical journey you will hear the subtle nuances and expressive tones which will transport you to a timeless and archetypical nurturing place of peace and serenity.

Sacred Vibrations - BandCamp

Interdimensional Dreaming

Interdimensional Dreaming (2022)

Centered, Energetic, and
Meditative Shakuhachi Flute
echoing with Orbital Drones:
Music for Imagination
(Explorers, Dreamers, Visionaries ...)
and Music for Creators
(Crafters, Authors, Artists ...).

Sacred and Healing Music.

Transcend the Dimensionality
Imposed by Conditioning and
Experience New Perspective
To Live Lucidly in a New World
from the Axis of Being.

Interdimensional Dreaming - Streaming:
Interdimensional Dreaming - Streaming

Shakuhachi Spirit Bandcamp

Shakuhachi Spirit Bandcamp

Shakuhachi Spirit is an Ambient Avant-garde studio project
which facilitates Sacred and Divine entwinement
through Shakuhachi bamboo flute
and a Spontaneous Harmonic Freedom
which reflects the Pure Nature of Sound.

Shakuhachi Bamboo flute has ancient roots
and Shakuhachi Spirit is Blissful and Ecstatic Meditations
which can bring the Freedom of Unity
to the Listener (Consciousness, the Perceiver)
with the Sound (Sentient Mystery Perceived)
through Intent (the Living Spirit Listening).

Shakuhachi Spirit is music which attunes the Listener
to their own Axis of Divine Consciousness
within the Here and Now Sacred Mystery
to Transform one's Life's Journey with Vibration
which Harmonizes and Heals.

I will be continually adding new original pieces of music,
including chromatic, microtonal, and just intonation pieces.

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YouTube has added a lot of my modern music here:
(but Shakuhachi Spirit is only on Bandcamp)
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