Healer's Songs


Healing music to unlock the healing potential
within your own being.

SONGS: I Am Healing, Visions, Should Retrieval,
Journey Work, Ancient Passions, Hopi Prophesy,
Rhythms of Love, Seven Seers, Eagle Wind,
and Buddha Rap

Healer's Songs - Remastered:
Healer's Songs - Streaming


I AM Healing, the first song on Healer's Songs
is an affirmation
for you to heal yourself at the physical,
emotional and mental levels.
It is intended for you to chant along with,
to reach your I AM center of power
and allow the higher order of the universe
to rearrange your being into peace, harmony, and love.

The graphics are kaliedoscopes of many images:
both virtual reality and nature photography.

Soul Retrieval, the third song on Healer's Songs
is a piece of music designed to do
Shamanic retrieval of lost parts of yourself.
We were all born to be whole and complete,
but some events leave luminous imprints on our Soul's of Light.
These patters cause us to live in the past and
thus not live as fully present whole people.
In order to become our fullest self
and live to our highest potential
we must recover from any traumatic past events,
which influence our present in a negative way.

The graphics are done with POVray and Polyray.
The scenes are a mixture of the ancient archetypical image
of pyramids, images of space and humanities future,
and also images that are rich in the healing element of water.

Hopi Prophesy, the sixth song on Healer's Songs is a short jazz
piece of music inspired by the prophesy of the Hopi.
Thier history includes surviving the flood under the ground
in a place prepared for them by the star people.
We will soon be entering 'the forth',
a period of time where humanity returns to the Earth as Healers
and as one people in peace.