Ron Bracale : BIO

Ron Bracale is a musician and composer with a focus on World Flutes, principally Shakuhachi Zen Flutes, Ancestral Pueblo Flutes, and modern World Flutes. He has studied with several great musicians. First Ron studied silver flute with jazz flautist Bob Ledner, learning music theory including classical, blues, and rock styles. Then Ron studied with Montino Bourbon, a masterful sarod player, who taught Ron the basics of the North Indian Raga musical system. Ron studied with Ernie Krivda Jr., a famous jazz sax player, and learned enough jazz theory to understand and incorporate the jazz perspective into his improvisational music. Ron then studied Shakuhachi, the Japanese Zen bamboo flute, with Grandmaster Michael Chikuzen Gould for ten years. Ron is currently studying Just (Pure) Intonation, the natural harmonic basis of sound.

Ron began meditating in high school and has always continued that practice. His music reflects a meditative basis. It has a high energy essence promoting the stimulation of life force and creativity, yet always has a flow which allows a calm and meditative breathing pattern and mental state. It spans genres and styles, so no easy classification is possible. It is a unique and cutting edge exploration into the potential of music to carry the listener to realms beyond the ordinary. For Ron music is a spiritual practice, a way of sharing feelings and the essence of human life which transcends words.

Ron also considers the birds and the sounds of nature to be his teachers. He seeks for his music to flow like water in a river and dance like the wind. The meditational aspect and relationship to breath is an essential component. It is for this reason that much of his music is improvisational, though Ron has numerous composed CDs exploring original expressions of Rasa, the deep feelings which words cannot describe.

Ron has been a member of the bands 'Minstrels of Enchantment' and 'Gaia Avatara'. Gaia Avatara opened for several international acts. Since then Ron has played many solo gigs and enjoys performing and the connection to an audience which live music facilitates.